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Entry #3

Being Dead?

2017-01-31 18:59:06 by Anonymous65

So... Yeah... Lately there has been no activity from me, Let's just say, I'm back. New Music coming soon! ( Maybe even as soon as a GD update! ( JK ) )


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2017-01-31 21:16:58

Why does someone who makes decent music hide behind an "anonymous" name? It just doesn't fit.

Anonymous65 responds:

Here's the story... I had an old GD account called Baxter65 named after my Dog, my friends called me a hacker when I was demon grinding. 3 months later I started playing GD again and forgot the password to that account, So as a joke because of that comment, I named my new account Anonymous65, because of the Anonymous hacking group. I now use that account name for everything, except on Xbox, it is Anonymous652015 :D ( I don't actually hack )


2017-02-01 17:50:19

That makes sense. I've taken the name of a deleted account. Just to be an asshole to the person who got his account deleted for fucking with me.